Luis D. Cervantes, Jr.

A co-founder of CDI, Luis D. Cervantes, Jr., worked for Unocal Corporation for over 34 years. During his tenure, Mr. Cervantes managed the Industrial Products Group and the Engineering Services Department. Among other products, Mr. Cervantes’ group marketed anhydrous ammonia, aqua ammonia, urea and urea solutions in the western United States. Member of the Chemical Industry Council of California. Named to its Board of Directors in 1990, to its Executive Committee in 1993, served as Chairman in 1996 and as Chairman of the Executive Committee in 1997 and 1998. Named Honorary Director in 2000.

Alberto W. Delgado

Co-founder of CDI, Alberto W. Delgado, has worked in the chemical industry for over 33 years including 18 years in the catalyst manufacturing business. Prior to forming CDI, Mr. Delgado was Manager of Environmental Affairs, Health & Safety for Criterion Catalyst Co. (a joint venture between Cyanamid/Cytec and Royal Dutch Shell/Shell Oil Co.), a manufacturer of hydrotreating and styrene catalysts. During his tenure with Criterion/American Cyanamid, he managed an automotive catalyst manufacturing facility that provided General Motors with their first generation of NOx control catalysts. He has two patents under his name; one on a continuous process for silica gel manufacturing and the other on manufacturing TiO2 slurries with In Process Material. Member of the Chemical Industry Council of California. Named to its Board of Directors in 1985, to its Executive Committee in 1991, served as Chairman in 1994 and as Chairman of the Executive Committee in 1995. Named Honorary Director in 1997.

Donald D. Moerdyke

Donald D. Moerdyke also worked for Unocal for over 25 years, first as an engineer in the Engineering Services Group and then as a District Sales Manager under Mr. Cervantes where he marketed nitrogen products, which included Fuel Tech’s NOxOUT-A and NOxOUT LT as well as anhydrous ammonia and aqua ammonia. His engineering experience included installation of blending, storage and handling systems for urea solutions and other liquid and dry products. He was also involved with the research and development of NOx reduction chemicals as well as marketing those chemicals to the power generation industry.

Rick S. Gross

Rick Gross also worked with Mr. Cervantes at Unocal’s Industrial group. He has over 30 years of experience in the marketing of urea and related nitrogen products, supply chain management, and research and development of urea in polymer chemistry, adduction, and deNOx. He developed the Unocal industrial urea market in the Pacific Northwest from a small volume territory to the largest volume sales territory in the company.

He is based in Memphis, TN, to manage sales in the East, South, and Mid-Atlantic states as well as assist in the development of the national supply chain necessary for mass production and distribution of high purity urea solutions.